Interior Designers to Make Your Hoboken Home Worthy of Architectural Digest

Interior Designers to Make Your Hoboken Home Worthy of Architectural Digest

Are you thinking about relocating and need to list your luxury Hoboken for sale? Whether you are planning on selling your home or have just moved in, you want to decorate your home to make it look like the magazines. You might even want to work with a design expert who can help transform your Hoboken Loft into one of your dreams. However, you might be wondering which Hoboken interior designer you should work with. Read on to learn about the best interior designers in the area who can make your Hoboken Loft worthy of architectural digest.

Creative Interiors

Or, if you are looking for an interior designer that can add an element of inherent approachability and personality to your luxurious space, then Creative Interiors is a great option to consider. At Creative Interiors, you can work with expert designers who can create a stylish, modern, and highly personal space that fits your lifestyle. For example, in this small kitchen space, the designers created a space that was at once minimalistic while adding small elegant finishes to enhance the overall appeal. Witness the linear hardware pulls on the cabinet doors that might be the highlight of the refined space. Consider also the strategically placed lighting that manages to not be overbearing but enhances and even grounds the space. As another example, in this Hoboken real estate, a clean, modern, and functional space was created by rearranging furniture and adding decor items. With an excellent balance of rotund tables and comfortable couches, Creative Interiors has created a calming and elegant space while using neutral colors to appeal to many different moods and lifestyles.

J. Laurie Designs LLC

Joanne Laurie treats every job the same, whether it’s a single-room redo or a full-scale renovation partnership with an architect. She earned her design degree in Ontario, Canada from Fanshawe College School of Design and soon brought her knowledge to designing her own homes, ranging from a city apartment to a country retreat. She is adept at full renovations, having completed one on her urban brownstone, and she has been using her hard-won skills to help clients since the launch of J Laurie Designs in 2014. If you’re looking for a design that merges high-end luxury with everyday items, Joanne is the one for you, thanks to her love of creating warm, intimate spaces that have touches of glamour with custom pieces and unique antique finds. Working with Joanne is sure to give you your dream home design.

J. Patryce Design & Company

If you need a designer who can revive and reimagine a space into something more modern, sleek, and inviting, then you might want to consider Joan Enger of the prestigious J. Patryce Design & Company. Whether reviving a vintage townhouse or a Hoboken loft, Enger is known for creating a classically modern style with the use of sleek lines. These lines are further complimented by lavish decor and furnishings. In addition, she is known for using a wide variety of materials and textures to create an innovative and unique space. For example, consider this Hoboken loft that has dramatic city views. With so much excitement happening outside, Enger decided to create a more muted and neutral interior look. Enger used an earthy color palette in the living areas of the loft while accentuating the hexagonal columns and adding sleek horizontal lines around the fireplace. As for the bedroom, Enger used complementary wall coverings and bedding to create a Zen space perfect for meditation. Elegant lighting was also strategically placed throughout the entire space, giving it a specific function. If you want to redesign Hoboken houses for sale into something uniquely different, modern, and beautiful, then consider working with Joan Enger of J. Patryce Design & Company.

Jenny Madden Design

If you want an exceptional design that will deliver a highly tailored product that is uniquely your style, then Jenny Madden Design would be a great option for your Hoboken home. At Jenny Madden Design, you will find a group of talented designers committed to creating spaces that reflect your unique personality and lifestyle, ultimately creating a happy home. This fabulous group of designers uses high-end furnishings of excellent quality that are supremely durable. For example, in this Hoboken townhouse, the expert designers managed to create a luxurious and modern space that is as aesthetic as it is functional. The dining area has a series of carefully chosen photographs, beautiful plants, and elegantly designed tables and chairs to create an open and calming space. In addition, the dining area opens out to floor-to-ceiling windows and doors for seamless integration between the outdoors and indoors. As for the home office, there is a compact desk and chaise lounge that seems to seamlessly meld with vibrant pictures and lively plants to create a functional and motivating space. Lively plants, colorful rugs, and unique paintings have been added to other parts of the house to leave warm and cozy vibes for the occupants. In addition, neutral colors have been strategically integrated into the design to create a versatile and functional space while connecting homeowners with their dream lifestyles.

Karla Goran of KMG Interiors NY

After spending the early part of her career working with top fashion houses and magazines in New York City, Karla Goran decided to pursue her dream of becoming a luxury interior designer. Founder of KMG Interiors (which opened back in 2014), Karla has become one of the most influential names in the city, specializing in NYC-inspired design aesthetics. Her team’s portfolio encompasses a wide array of looks for every room of the home. She’s styled elegant, city-view penthouse living rooms, cutting-edge bathrooms, and modern bedrooms that evoke a sense of wonder and imagination. When working with Karla, there are truly no limits to how decadent and sophisticated your space can be.

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