How to Sell Your House: A Complete Guide for Sellers From Hudson Realty Group

How to Sell Your House: A Complete Guide for Sellers From Hudson Realty Group

Sellers interested in listing their properties for sale may be at a loss in knowing where to start. The home selling process requires multiple steps, many of which are completed simultaneously. That’s why sellers should partner with local agents. An agent knows what steps to take to sell your home and can keep your home sale on track. Follow these steps for the most success in listing your property.

Choose the right time to sell

The first step sellers listing their Jersey City real estate should take is timing their sale correctly. Correct timing depends on a mix of personal factors, market trends, and seasonality. Make sure now is a good time to sell for you personally. Review your current responsibilities to a job, family members, and your financial situation. Then, research market trends in the area. Sellers should try and plan a sale during sellers’ market conditions. This is marked by low inventory levels, high buyer demand, and increasing prices.

Currently, Hudson County cities like Jersey City are experiencing cooling market trends. This may make a home sale more challenging. Closed sales for single-family homes decreased by 52.4% compared to last year. The median sales price has also declined slightly for all property types. Homes stay on the market for an average of 46 days, up 17.9% compared to last year. Keep this in mind when preparing for a home sale.

Search for a local agent

When you’re sure about selling your home, partner with experienced local agents like those at Hudson Realty Group. A local agent will have a thorough understanding of market trends. With this information, they can make a comparative market analysis to price your property. Currently, Jersey City homes average $487,500. An agent will factor in a property’s location, features, and condition into the price.

An agent also provides sellers with professional service providers. They can recommend home constructors, home inspectors, and professional photographers to help prepare your property. When it comes time to list, an agent markets your property and actively searches for interested buyers. Throughout the process, they can provide you with advice and guidance on what steps to take next.

Make repairs and upgrades

To avoid a buyer’s offer falling through, try to complete necessary repairs before listing. A pre-listing inspection is a good way to check what needs to be completed. Common issues with New Jersey homes include electrical issues with older properties, a damp or moldy basement, and roof damages. At this time, a seller should also complete smaller repairs themselves.

A seller’s agent can recommend home upgrades that appeal to buyers in the area. Although upgrades aren’t necessary to sell, they can help boost your home’s value and buyer interest. Select projects that have a high return on investment. These include minor bathroom and kitchen remodels. Other popular projects include repainting walls a neutral color and converting unused attics or basements.

Stage your home

To make houses for sale in Jersey City appealing to buyers, stage the property. Staging helps buyers imagine a property as their own. This increases the chances of receiving an offer. First, deep clean all areas of the house. This shows buyers that you’ve maintained the property while owning it. Then, declutter shelves, cabinets, closets, and other storage. Now is a good time to donate or throw away unwanted items. If areas are still looking cramped, consider renting a storage unit.

Then, take down family photos, memorabilia, and eccentric décor. Replace items with neutral and light decoration. A seller’s agent can offer pointers catering to buyers. Keep areas well-lit by opening blinds and turning on lights. This creates a welcoming mood. Don’t forget curb appeal. Spruce up your front entrance by cleaning off your door, clearing dust and debris from the front walkway, and cleaning windows.

List and market the property

An agent will help you list your property on a local MLS. They’ll incorporate professional photos to capture the attention of online searchers. Listing on official platforms also makes it available to local buyers’ agents. This increases your chances of a sale. An agent will use social media and online ads for marketing your home’s listing. This boosts its visibility online.

An agent also markets your property offline by scheduling home showings. They’ll actively search for interested buyers, then communicate with sellers, so they’re prepared for showings. An agent may also organize an open house for more in-person visibility. Agents use traditional marketing techniques like placing a sign in the front yard and sending out flyers.

Negotiate buyer offers

Soon, buyers will start making offers on your property. Seller’s agents will check a buyer’s qualifications. They can also advise sellers on whether to accept, reject, or make a counteroffer. Negotiate on terms including the offer price, closing dates, and buyer contingencies. Know what you are and aren’t willing to bargain beforehand, and don’t be afraid to turn a buyer down.

Closing steps

Sellers can expect a few closing steps when listing their Jersey City houses for sale. A buyer will order a home inspection to ensure there aren’t any serious issues. If major problems arise, a buyer may ask to renegotiate a sale or drop out of the offer. A buyer may also order a home appraisal to finalize their mortgage. At this time, sellers should pack their belongings and prepare to sign the paperwork. Sellers should also prepare for closing costs. In New Jersey, seller closing costs average 3.32% of the final sale price.

Ready to sell your Jersey City home?

Follow the complete seller's guide above when planning your Jersey City home sale. Sellers must time and price their listing correctly, make repairs and upgrades, stage the home, and market a listing. Sellers who work with local agents can count on their experience, real estate knowledge, and marketing skill. When you’re ready to list your property, partner with one of the agents at Hudson Realty Group for expert guidance and advice.

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