If designing solely for yourself, the sky’s the limit in terms of style selection. When thinking of selling your home, a balance has to be struck between your personal desires and what’s going to appeal to the masses for maximum resale value. Understanding how to use current trends to your advantage, giving your home the visual appeal it needs as the potential buyer whisks through at a showing, can give you the crucial leg up on the competition.


A survey of myriad Pinterest posts and MyDomaine, Lonny and Apartment Therapy articles – plus just casting a keen eye on what’s being promoted in the stores and in stylish people’s homes – points to some overarching design trends for 2018. Herewith what we’re dubbing 2018’s “design mantra” – big, bold, and warm.



Paradoxically the smallest of the “design mantra” categories, “big” relates to one thing – the fading glory of the gallery wall, cobbled together from assortments of quirky prints and objects, and the ascendance of the one big statement art piece. This merits a category of its own as the displaying of art touches every room in your house. It will be hard to completely forgo the gallery wall (it was an investment getting all those little pieces framed, after all! – and we all need variety in our lives), but the trend is toward cleaner and bolder choices. If making only one swap here, opt for living room or entry, where your selection will have the biggest impact. If actively trying to sell, be aware of the choice of artwork, however, and steer clear of blatantly political or otherwise inflammatory imagery. If not, well… be our guest.

2018 Design Trends


We’ve been living in grey and white worlds of late. Calm, serene, inoffensive. If the doyens of design know anything, however, that is about to change. While we aren’t going Technicolor (despite Pantone predicting that Ultra Violet, a rich neon version of purple, will be the “it” color of 2018), we will be adding more richness to our (design) lives. Here’s a taste of what’s to come.


Color in kitchens. While white kitchens will never really go out of style, colored cabinetry, particularly in deep hues – think navy, black and forest green – is now on trend. Those who don’t want to go all-in can opt for the popular contrasting look – white upper cabinets and dark lowers or an island. This property at 306 Park exemplifies the look. Appliances, too, are getting a dose of color (matching with cabinetry in some instances – in black, navy, and white). Stainless steel has been the (ah hem) gold standard for so long, this trend might take longer to get into full gear, but a shift is occurring according to style watchers. Versions tend to be matte rather than shiny.


Pattern. Encaustic cement tiles, with patterns hailing from Mexico to Morocco, have been creeping into the mainstream for a while, as seen in backsplashes and kitchen and bathroom flooring. Expect the trend to crescendo – with bolder color combinations and geometric prints – and to see it applied in unique combinations and ways (a pattern continuing from shower floor up the wall to the ceiling, for example). Terrazzo – the composite, speckled material popular in the 1970s – is having a moment, as a flooring choice but also as a backsplash option and print pattern for housewares. Traditional hardwood flooring is getting a pattern makeover as well, where installing it herringbone style ups the ante in any space. Wallpaper will keep growing in popularity, particularly large florals and geometric patterns. Saturated colors will keep even birds and greenery that might have bedecked your grandmother’s walls from looking staid. A little dose of any of these trends can go a long way, however, and you can make a significant statement in a small space if you don’t want to fully commit. If your eye is on selling now or in the near future, be mindful to choose patterns in more neutral tones to appeal to a broad range of people. You might benefit from getting the longest wear from it, too, as color trends change over the years, as they’re bound to do.


Ceilings. Ceilings – the “fifth walls” of all of our rooms – are getting attention. Many predict painted ceilings (especially in striking colors) or patterned ceilings (wallpaper, stencil) will be on trend in 2018.


Mix of metals, especially matte. While brass may officially be the “in” metal right now for hardware, a mix-up is anticipated. Look for brass to play alongside silver and copper and, maybe especially, black. Reading between the lines, we get a feeling that matte will be the key to keeping this look fresh. If you’re looking for an easy, relatively inexpensive update, switching out your hardware to match this trend could be the way to go.



Luckily the predicted bolder, braver new world is not anticipated to be washed in primary colors. But we are heating up, as a shift from cooler to warmer tones and richer textures is expected.


Warm tones. While millennial pink lingers, terra cotta, rust, and ochre are on the rise as the palette of choice, and sage green has been pegged as a new neutral. “Moody” is a description that appears in more than one prediction pertaining to colors for 2018, as navy and emerald green also are having their day.


Natural materials and textures. A return to earthiness – think rattan and cane, and nubby materials such as jute – is predicted. Keep an eye out for natural materials and textures appearing in furniture and furnishings such as pillows, blankets and rugs.


Wood. Natural wood is making a comeback, even for kitchen cabinets. Rather than dark and traditional, however, today’s wood kitchen cabinets are light, clean, and modern – Shaker or flat panel blonde and ash rather than cherry. Shiplap was all the rage in 2017 thanks to Chip and Joanna Gaines, and walls today are still getting a textural overhaul, with wood paneling being very of the moment especially if painted black rather than white, or left natural to let the (requisite) high quality of the grain show through.

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