Jersey City Brownstones

Brownstones can be found in many neighborhoods around Jersey City and are considered some of the best-preserved examples of 19th-century urban design in the United States.  We commonly refer to any historic townhome or brick rowhouse as a “brownstone” but technically only those townhomes constructed with a façade of a specific type of stone are in fact brownstones.

Brownstone is a type of sandstone that was readily available from quarries in the Northeast region.  After about 1830, as prosperity increased, some people had the means to display their wealth in elaborate homes with carved exteriors of brownstone, wrought iron detailing, and high stairways to entrances on the second floor.  The houses themselves were not constructed of brownstone, but rather a veneer less than a foot thick was placed on the front of each home, which was actually constructed of brick. Their façades create magnificent street walls and they define some of Jersey City’s most beautiful neighborhoods.

Whether you are looking for a classic Jersey City brownstone or brick rowhouse with lots of original detail, a modern townhome renovation or a combination of the two, Hudson Realty Group can help.

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Jersey City Brownstones

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